FreeNas: Realtek 8111F and “re0: Watchdog Timeout Error” – universal solution

This is continuation from FreeNas: Realtek 8111F and re0: Watchdog Timeout Error

Last solution was only for FreeNas 9.1 which is now a bit outdated.

Below I will show you how to fix the issue (by compiling your own drivers that are dedicated for your os version):

In case the official link to tgz is down, here is mirror I made: 007-rtl_bsd_drv_v194.01.tgz


2 thoughts to “FreeNas: Realtek 8111F and “re0: Watchdog Timeout Error” – universal solution”

  1. Hi BigRetroMIKE
    Had the same nasty re0: watchdog timeout error
    Thanks for the solution.. Tried it with FreeNas 11.1-U5 and worked like a charm.

    Thanks for that!

    1. Your welcome. Sadly in the long run there will need to be some rewriting for re driver, but with current flow the fastest solution is buying recommended NIC adapter anyway.

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