Wallabag v2 – Pocket (getPocket/ReadItLater) alternative

From long time now I been using getPocket on daily basis – it main straight been big compatibility with IFTTT (if this then that) service which main purpose was automation of some things to make using web more attractive.

I stopped using IFTTT some time ago and I use Pocket just to store urls and sync them with other devices. That functionality now is embedded inside most common web browsers like Firefox and other known one. But I wanted to have full control over what url I want to store and I don’t need to know what are ‘popular’ links other stores.

Let us download needed package:

Extract it to /opt/wallabag

Configure vhost for apache:

From /opt/wallabag directory run:

To test wallabag we can start it from embedded web server that is inside wallabag:


Of course that command will start server on port 8000 on localhost, so we can access it only from that host – as security measure.


Version 2.0.0 had it release at 04/03/2016 so the android app don’t support the newest version, but the system works great anyway.


Edit 07/04/2016:

  • firefox plugin – https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/wallabag-v2/

Postfix i Dovecot – perfect duo for mail server

Own mail server? Would be awesome! If you just ask ‘why’ this tutorial is not for you 😉


  • own postfix and dovecot server
  • support for virtual accounts
  • disable system accounts support
  • use database as account backend


1. Instalation

General type of mail configuration: Internet Site

System mail name: domian.name

2. Mysql/MariaDB backend

First prepare backend:


Most important postfix config file main.cf

Next let us create configuration files for virtual account support:

Restart postfix:


This will test if postfix ‘see’ virtual account from database:


Next we need to edit other postfix config file master.cf

This looked scary but to be sure I included full config file, because there could be changes made in newest version to default config files.

Just reset postfix because we finish configure him 🙂


3. Dovecot

First we make backup of files that we will edit:

Edit dovecot.conf

Let us comment and uncomment lines according with this code:

We need to create vmail account

Restart dovecot

4. Adding more account to backend



If you are interested, there are some post about way to fight with spam:

Fight against spam part 1 – Postfix SPF

Fight against spam part 2 – Postfix DKIM

Fight against spam part 3 – Postfix DMARC

Fight against spam part 4 – Postfix SpamAssassin

Fight against spam part 5 – Dovecot Sieve



Linux – Apache Part 1: Instalation and configuration

Our own www server is sometimes needed when building webapp, it is also used in internal like in external networks.

Here is as simple recipe for it:

This configuration is proper for local use.

But if your server will be available outside your network then make those also:

Next parts:

Linux – Apache Part 2: Enable SSL

Linux – Apache Part 3: PHP

Linux – Apache Part 4: MySQL and MariaDB Database