Make Firefox forget cache/redirections

This one is really tricky. You can spam CTRL + F5 all day but firefox will still remember Redirection 301.

You CTRL + H aka History Bar, look for page you want to forget of, Right-Click and pick “Forget about this page” which in Polish is “Usuń całą witrynę” which is “Remove whole site”. This is why I “love” translations.

If this fails because you where redirected to error page or something you can try:


MySQL replace text

From time to time there is a need to replace some text inside database, there is no problem when its inside only one table, you can do something like this (from inside mysql cli):

But problem occurse when the text is spread onto multiply tables. But there is a clever trick for this, we can dump database to file, replace text and then import edited database:


Copy/duplicate mysql database

When you need make a working copy of your database for example to use with copy of your wordpress site, you need to make few things:

Now that we have a db, let us dump the original db to file:

This will dump database_to_copy database to file named db-copy.sql. Now we need to import this dump to our newly created database db_copy.


Extract specific file from tar.gz

Side note its not super fast for big archives, sadly.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusreddit

Nagios – network/device configuration

If you don’t have working Nagios installation fell free to follow Nagios – New installation on Debian 9 link.

We will need to add folder structure (for better organization) to nagios config file:

Not everyone have luxury to always use smart switches around network – those make live a lot easier, but life is not a dream 🙂

Let us make a template for non-smart aka no-ping switches:

Now we can define few switches like this:

You can most variables put to template file so there will be even less writing

Most common type of templete is: linux-server (you can check others in /usr/local/nagios/etc/objects/templates.cfg )

After making few .cfg files inside our directory remamber to chown nagios:nagios -R /usr/local/nagios/etc/devices/ to avoid erros and restart nagiosFacebooktwittergoogle_plusreddit

Turn off additional telemetry from Mozilla Firefox

For starters I wouldn’t co all the paranoic about Mozilla getting some telemetry as most of them are not about privacy. Some of you probably will want to disable those also this could help speed up Firefox a bit.

Get into internal settings by typing about:config in url bar and turn all of these to false by double clicking

I wouldn’t recommend you to do this on any non-stable channel release as those are heavy related with telemetry and making Firefox great.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusreddit

Wallabag v2 – Pocket (getPocket/ReadItLater) alternative

From long time now I been using getPocket on daily basis – it main straight been big compatibility with IFTTT (if this then that) service which main purpose was automation of some things to make using web more attractive.

I stopped using IFTTT some time ago and I use Pocket just to store urls and sync them with other devices. That functionality now is embedded inside most common web browsers like Firefox and other known one. But I wanted to have full control over what url I want to store and I don’t need to know what are ‘popular’ links other stores.

Let us download needed package:

Extract it to /opt/wallabag

Configure vhost for apache:

From /opt/wallabag directory run:

To test wallabag we can start it from embedded web server that is inside wallabag:


Of course that command will start server on port 8000 on localhost, so we can access it only from that host – as security measure.


Version 2.0.0 had it release at 04/03/2016 so the android app don’t support the newest version, but the system works great anyway.


Edit 07/04/2016:

  • firefox plugin –


Windows – Hidden windows outside our eye sight

When we are using multiply monitor setup sometimes badly coded application vanish from our eye sight .

With this little hack we can recover almost every window: