How to setup VPN with PPTP

In the past there was a Personal VPN Server (OpenVPN) which gave us more security than PPTP could give us. Then why would you want PPTP ? Because its faster and have lower footprint on CPU than OpenVPN. That way you can pick which you prefer in your case scenario. Also there is build-in support […]

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Personal VPN Server (OpenVPN)

Internet providers are collecting more and more data about our internet activities, but what can we do about it ? You want to have secure access to your home servers, nas, devices ? Virtual Private Network aka VPN is a solution for your needs!   1.Instalation

2.openvpn configuration

3.some system tweaks

4.Instalation […]

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Running a secure DDNS service with BIND

If you lack of static ip for your home machines but would like to have static address to access them there is a simple setup to make on your primary DNS server to achieve that. On our client side let’s generate some keys:

This will results in creating Kkeyname.***.key and Kkeyname.***.private, we will need […]

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Fixing BIND’s journal out of sync with zone error

When BIND stop to work and throw error like this:

The simplest and fastest fix is by removing that journal file for zone

and then restart bind


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Creating swap partition

Swap partition is same thing as pagefile.sys for Windows. When we are using more RAM than we have, pagefile is used to store that extra data from memory. For this Linux use swap partition. While you install Linux distribution most installers suggest to make swap partition that is twice the size of your RAM. This […]

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Pure-FTPd user management

Adding ftp account, which will use given os user:

  Password change:

  Removing ftp account:

  Remamber, each command that change user information need to save those into proper database. You need execute this command to do it:


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Linux – What ports are listening our services

There can be a moment when you are creating firewall rules but you forgot to add service you dont remamber about. You could look for service configs but you could also check on which port those listening:

If Local Address is * (for ipv4) or [::] (for ipv6) you know that those service bind […]

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Let’s Encrypt – Error using old version

Using the old bash script for automatic renewal sometimes fail with this error (or similar one):

This is probably result of two things: Let’s Encrypt enforce limits on request count and domain count The official letsencrypt client change to certbot and is ported to few distros If you are using Debian 8 with apache […]

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