Bypass Windows 7 user password

We need to force Windows into Automatic repair mode (just restart pc while windows is loading) We need to wait till tool will finish scanning for errors and prompt us with System Restore Cancel it Click arrow that will expand Details about error At the bottom of Details there is text file erofflps.txt, click it […]

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How to increase the Outlook attachment size limit

Press Windows-R Type “regedit” in the Run dialog Click OK Find proper key for you outlook version

If you see MaximumAttachmentSize double-click it, if not create it as DWORD Enter the desired attachment size limit in KB under Value Data: (for 25 MB limit use “25600”) The default value (with MaximumAttachmentSize not present) is 20 MB or “20480”.

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Visual Studio 2015 Community Nightmare

The nightmare hit me hard…   First I was unable to register ‘free’ ‘community’ edition – with error

After countless reinstalls from 2 different web installers provided on microsoft pages (sic!) and even installing it from iso image. I narrow the problem to be in wrong delegation setting in AD which end up being […]

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Excel – breaking password for cell editing in Excel

Open excel file with cell password protection Press ALT + F11 Double click on sheet Pass this code:

5. Press F5    

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Recover main MySQL password

*** If it is possible do this operation in environment without internet access ***


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Office 2010 – Change license

There are multiply reasons why you would like to change installed license for application. Method 1:

Method 2:


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