Export or save Putty configuration

From time to time we need migrate our putty configuration/sessions that we saved (configurations, IPs etc). Putty store those data inside system register and those are some methods to extract them and save to new pc:

We end up with putty.reg on our Desktop which we can execute on new computer and enjoy with […]

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Nagios – network/device configuration

If you don’t have working Nagios installation fell free to follow Nagios – New installation on Debian 9 link. We will need to add folder structure (for better organization) to nagios config file:

Not everyone have luxury to always use smart switches around network – those make live a lot easier, but life is […]

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How to increase the Outlook attachment size limit

Press Windows-R Type “regedit” in the Run dialog Click OK Find proper key for you outlook version

If you see MaximumAttachmentSize double-click it, if not create it as DWORD Enter the desired attachment size limit in KB under Value Data: (for 25 MB limit use “25600”) The default value (with MaximumAttachmentSize not present) is 20 MB or “20480”.

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Visual Studio 2015 Community Nightmare

The nightmare hit me hard…   First I was unable to register ‘free’ ‘community’ edition – with error

After countless reinstalls from 2 different web installers provided on microsoft pages (sic!) and even installing it from iso image. I narrow the problem to be in wrong delegation setting in AD which end up being […]

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Excel – breaking password for cell editing in Excel

Open excel file with cell password protection Press ALT + F11 Double click on sheet Pass this code:

5. Press F5    

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Recover main MySQL password

*** If it is possible do this operation in environment without internet access ***


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