Bypass Windows 7 user password

  1. We need to force Windows into Automatic repair mode (just restart pc while windows is loading)
  2. We need to wait till tool will finish scanning for errors and prompt us with System Restore
  3. Cancel it
  4. Click arrow that will expand Details about error
  5. At the bottom of Details there is text file erofflps.txt, click it
  6. We should see Notepad now
  7. Pick ‘File’ – ‘Open’
  8. Go to D:/Windows/System32
  9. Change file type from .txt to All files
  10. Search for sethc and rename it to sethc_bak
  11. Search for cmd and make copy of it
  12. Rename cmd copy to sethc
  13. Close all windows and Finish Automatic Tool
  14. Your PC should restart now
  15. When Windows will ask for password for user just hit SHIFT five times
  16. Instead normal message you will see black terminal
  17. Now we need to input few command to reset password
  18. # list all accounts
    net user
    # Disable password for give user_name
    net user user_name *
  19. Log in as user without password
  20. Restore original sethc

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