Installing PIP on Linux

One would think that installing Python for you favorite package manager would solve issue of missing PIP. But you are one step before achieving it.

# Advanced Package Tool (Python 2.x)
apt-get install python-pip

# Advanced Package Tool (Python 3.x)
apt-get install python3-pip

# pacman Package Manager (Python 2.x)
pacman -S python2-pip

# pacman Package Manager (Python 3.x)
pacman -S python-pip

# Yum Package Manager (Python 2.x)
yum upgrade python-setuptools
yum install python-pip python-wheel

# Yum Package Manager (Python 3.x)
yum install python3 python3-wheel

# Dandified Yum (Python 2.x)
dnf upgrade python-setuptools
dnf install python-pip python-wheel

# Dandified Yum (Python 3.x)
dnf install python3 python3-wheel

# Zypper Package Manager (Python 2.x)
zypper install python-pip python-setuptools python-wheel

# Zypper Package Manager (Python 3.x)
zypper install python3-pip python3-setuptools python3-wheel

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