Hidden file inside file, your own file inception

We download lots of pictures: cats, dog and weird things from image boards and other sites from web.

Most of us don’t know it but common practice on some image board is embedding files into picture files.


How to add file to image so the image wont get corrupted but will be readable like normal pictures?

We will need:

  1. Compressing software like 7-zip
  2. Picture we will use as our hide base
  3. File which we want to embed

Embedding file:

#compress file that you want to embed and you will end up with .7z file
#start command prompt: cmd
#navigate to directory with .7z (ex. arch.7z) you created and picture you want to use (ex. image.png)
copy /b image.png + arch.7z NewImage.png

To extract embedded file from image use:

#start command prompt: cmd
#navigate to directory where you have installed 7-ip
7z.exe x "C:/path/to/NewImage.png" -oC:/path/to/place/extracted/file/


How to scan your image collection to extract hidden content from them?

We can use command below for that:

#lets assume you install 7-zip in default path and have Output directory on drive C:
#start command prompt: cmd
#navigate to directory with your picture collection
for /r %%x in (*.jpg) do "C:Program Files7-Zip7z.exe" x "%%x" -oC:Output -r

#we can run this command for png/jpeg/gif/webm :-)


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