GoGS – lightweight git front-end

GoGS is a frontend for git, it is a low demanding solution and thanks to fact that its being wrote in Go it work on every platform that support Go language.

GoGS as a core application use git and support different databases (mysql, postgresql lub tidb)

We could install gogs from source but we will use ready binary files for our system, and for backend we will use mariadb/mysql on debian/ubuntu system:

Lets download binary package from project page: gogs.io (in my case it was gogs_v0.9.13_linux_amd64.tar.gz) and extract it:

Now we need to create user and database for gogs:


First start:

Now we can connect with gogs via web browser using localhost:3000 or domain:3000 because gogs listening on address.

Configure it:

Rest things you can setup as you like.

Now we got running and ready to use GoGS installation (GoGIT)


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