Git – repository corruption error

Sometimes when you have really big project you can encounter “corruption” error. This is not always ‘true’ corruption error when you are losing data etc. It is just a time out alike error when git is unable to complete a task in given time because of the size of repository. This is usualy because of to big numbers in configuration for ‘windowsMemory’ and ‘SizeLimit’ parameters.

This error can look like this:

To ensure this is not ‘true’ corruption error you can fsck git repo

To overcome this we can set those variables:


GitLab solution:

This problem first time hit me on GitLab with big private repo, and the above command wont help because gitlab use rb files to rewrite configs each time.

And we need to: gitlab-ctl reconfigure


Let’s Encrypt – Error using old version

Using the old bash script for automatic renewal sometimes fail with this error (or similar one):

This is probably result of two things:

  1. Let’s Encrypt enforce limits on request count and domain count
  2. The official letsencrypt client change to certbot and is ported to few distros

If you are using Debian 8 with apache this is now the recommended way to renew certs:

For other configuration check