Why I’m moving from Baikal to Radicale (CalDav & CardDav)

Saber/Dav which is a core component of Baikal is looking for maintainer (full story here)

It’s been some time now that I moved from Google Calendar service to self-hosted, open source solution.

I never notice any down sides with accessibility – maybe my need were simple enough 🙂


I’m not saying that Baikal is dead, if your are interested in Baikal fell free to lookup those posts (installation, updating)


As for me I started noticing one minor issue I had with Baikal, that is complicated calendar sharing setup – it IS possible to share calendars but its more complicated than it should be, it was announce that sharing will be added later after big code rewrite and I waited (because I wouldn’t even be able to contribute to php7.0+silex anyway), but here I found new solution… Radicale, it also don’t support sharing calendars via web-panel, but for me it got one BIG advanted in sharing zone, user rights, and with one little ACL list I was able to share whatever I wanted.

None of both solution support migration tools for this process so It was a bit of pain (as for now I wasn’t able to find too that would migrate my ‘Tasks’ from calendar, but I never used it as much and migration was done by hand with me clicking 2 buttons on each of 20 tasks I had left)


If you are interested, here are links related to process of installing, configure and migrate data from one solution to other:

  • Links coming soon

2 thoughts on “Why I’m moving from Baikal to Radicale (CalDav & CardDav)”

  1. Could you please write a quick instruction on how to migrate contact and calendar data from baikal to radicale? Baikal does seem to be maintained at all anymore and I am planing to migrate to radicale.

    1. the easiest way I did it was to export those data by phone I connected to caldav/carddav. I exported both calendar and contact to files without any issue and import them after migration.
      That way I didn’t have to deal with issues because there is a different between both backends.

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