Mikrotik and Squid = Transparent Proxy

In business networks there is a big usage of  transparent proxy also home networks can use it also.

Thanks to that kind of server we can monitoring a lot of meta data and value information from client network and also prevent a lot of virus infections.

Lets assume that our server ( have Ubuntu or Debian operation system installed on it and the lan network is

On server there is also software firewall (iptables) which we will use to forward connection using commands below:

Next, on Mikrotik router we will add firewall rules to forward chosen clients (via list SQUID_CLIENTS) to server with squid proxy:

This way we finished configuration of proxy server which will capture web traffic and don’t need to be configure on client side.


Linux – .conf missing after package reinstall

Sometimes after manul removing config files and then reinstall package you end up missing .conf file from that package (ex. freeradius).

Use this command as solution (freeradius used as example):