Fight against spam part 4 – Postfix SpamAssassin

SpamAssasin is the last weapon from our arsenal that we will use to keep spam away from our mail server.


Install needed packages:

We ned to add user that will be running spamassasin on our server:

User is ready now we need configure SA to use it:

Start SA:

Add SpamAssassin Support to postfix:

Restart postfix:

We need to create rules for SA:

Restart service to be sure we use newest rules:

To test spamassasin we can send mail from external mail server to our server and check header to see if spamassasin added his header with scoring.


Update 05/11/2016:

I notice that spamassassin throw error in syslog

This can be fix easily by commenting out use_dcc line or adding dcc and not use it (pointless)


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